Collection: Snug Piercings

Snug piercings are a popular choice for ear cartilage. They're placed in the area near the ear canal entrance below the helix, creating a distinctive and modern look. Although slightly more complex to place compared to other ear cartilage piercings, they can be personalized with different styles of jewelry. We offer a wide variety of snug piercings in different materials and designs in our store, so you can find the right one for you.

A snug piercing is situated on the inner part of your ear, tracing the antihelix cartilage. Given its unique location, the jewelry used must guarantee comfort and security.

For your snug piercing, we suggest using either a curved stud or a hoop, preferably of small to medium size. Choose a piece with a diameter that aligns seamlessly with your ear's curve to mitigate any potential irritation due to friction.

As for material choices, our recommendation leans towards high-grade titanium conforming to ASTM-F136 standards or premium quality surgical steel. These materials are not only hypoallergenic and nickel-free, but also water-resistant - attributes that are crucial during the healing phase.

When it comes to design, your choices are expansive. You might prefer a subtle, refined look, like a curved stud decorated with a semi-precious gem. Or, you might opt for something more flashy - a hoop embellished with diamonds or crystals, perhaps. Given its distinct position, your snug piercing can add an edgy or exotic touch to your ear - so, let your jewelry choice be a reflection of your personality and style.


During the healing phase, the chosen jewelry must be of materials that are compatible with your body. Surgical steel isn't typically recommended because of its nickel content. To avert possible complications, consider jewelry made of ASTM-F136 grade titanium, gold, or sterling silver. Titanium offers several advantages over steel, like its lightness, durability, and strength. Plus, it's nickel-free, which lessens the chances of allergic reactions and infections. Titanium is also water-resistant and can be worn throughout the day, even when you're in the shower or doing sports, without getting damaged.


There are several jewelry options for your snug piercing. The curved bar with two ends, popularly known as "horseshoe", is the most commonly preferred. This piece accommodates the cartilage's shape perfectly, and its size ensures comfortable healing without causing any rubbing. You can also consider banana-shaped piercings that are flatter than the horseshoe but slightly curved, fitting flawlessly into your ear's shape. The piercing size should ideally range between 8 and 10 mm.

A closed hoop is another option. Although it adjusts well to the cartilage's shape, it might not be the best fit for everyone due to differing ear anatomies. You'll need a hoop measuring between 6-8 mm in diameter.


We recommend waiting at least two months before changing your snug jewelry and doing so under the guidance of a professional piercer. The snug piercing can be quite painful and may take a while to fully heal, so it's critical to make sure the wound has completely healed before changing the jewelry. If you decide to switch after 60 days, remember to use only titanium jewelry. Avoid changing the jewelry at home as this could potentially harm the wound and increase the risk of infection.


The healing process for the snug piercing is often lengthy and can vary widely among individuals. Typically, the healing time for the snug can last anywhere between 3 and 9 months. It's important during this period to take proper care of the piercing to prevent complications and ensure successful healing.


Banana or horseshoe-style jewelry can add a delightful touch to your snug piercing. This banana-shaped, curved piece comprises a bar with two small balls on the ends. Designs can vary greatly, from simplistic styles with gold beads on either end to unique pieces that truly stand out.

For women, we adore pieces adorned with semi-precious stones like zirconium oxides, opals, turquoise, diamonds, and more.

HOOP JEWELRY FOR YOUR SNUG PIERCING Hoops are timeless pieces often worn in the lobe or helix and come in various sizes. This allows you to switch your ear piercing often and experiment with fun combinations. Hoops, with their rounded or oval form, add a touch of elegance and softness to the ear. When situated on the cartilage, they lend a delicate and gentle appearance. They are, however, only suitable for snug piercings if their diameter ranges between 8 and 10 mm, depending on your ear's shape.

Given the snug piercing's highly visible location, it's important to choose jewelry that mirrors your personal style and personality.


  • Hoop: 1/4"- 5/16" or 6-8 mm
  • Banana : 5/16" - 3/8" or 8-10 mm