Collection: Conch Piercings

Conch piercings are a popular choice for ear cartilage. The conch is a cartilaginous area in the inner part of the ear. A conch piercing is positioned in this area, providing a distinctive and modern look. It's easy to get and can be personalized with various styles of jewelry. In our store, we offer a broad range of conch piercings in different materials and designs, allowing you to find the perfect one for you.

Conch piercings hold popularity due to their capacity to accept a wide array of jewelry types and display the unique personality of the wearer. We have thus endeavored to craft jewelry that complements conch piercings while paying homage to the varied styles they offer. You have the freedom to choose from a hoop for your conch piercing or a stud adorned with a stone.


Famously known as the "seashell piercing," the conch piercing finds its home in the heart of the cartilage encompassing the ear. Its moniker arises from its resemblance to a seashell, which translates to "conch" in both English and Portuguese.

The initial jewelry most commonly used after getting a conch piercing is a stud, which is essentially a straight bar.

It's crucial to select jewelry that is compatible and of high quality for your conch piercing to mitigate complications. Opt for ASTM-F136 titanium, silver, or gold over surgical steel with nickel. Titanium is renowned for its lightweight and durable properties, its hypoallergenic nature, and its resistance to oxidation, making it safe for use even during physical activities and showers.


The advisable period to change your conch jewelry largely depends on each individual's healing process. Generally, a waiting period of 1 to 2 months before making the change is recommended. Ideally, your first jewelry change should be supervised by a professional piercer.


The precise healing time varies among individuals and is contingent upon the diligence with which aftercare is performed. However, initial healing results can typically be noticed after 30 days, while complete healing is anticipated between 4 and 6 months.


Situated at the ear's edges, the conch's inner area provides an elegant, original, and modern piercing that can enhance your compositions and accentuate your ears. At Luna, we are passionate about the conch piercing and ardently endorse it.

Generally, the conch's inner part is adorned with a hoop, which flawlessly supplements your jewelry ensemble. The trend of layering has seamlessly blended with the conch piercing. Style your conch piercing with a hoop, petite hoops on the forward helix, and earrings around the lobe to amplify your look.

If subtlety is more your style, consider lightweight models like a twisted gold hoop that subtly showcases its charm. This piercing type is perfect for ear cartilage.

Care should be taken to avoid excessively tight piercings and to layer jewelry without causing clutter. This can be complemented with a helix-shaped hoop or a tragus jewel.

For the more creative spirits who love large earrings and vibrant colors, an Ilene piercing could be the perfect choice. Jewelry sets featuring crystals (such as zirconium oxide diamonds, zirconium opals, or zircons) are in vogue and can add a spark of thrill to your cartilage.

Hoops with chains or pendants are fashionable and exude a futuristic vibe. These piercings command attention and create an aura of confidence.


The stud serves as an elegant and popular choice for jewelry in conch piercings. This piercing type is located in the inner area of the ear cartilage, near the edges, and is often mistaken for the forward helix.

At Luna, we staunchly advocate for the use of studs to provide structure to your compositions and accentuate your ears. Furthermore, studs are versatile and can be paired with other piercings like petite hoops on the forward helix or earrings around the lobe.

If you seek a more discreet appearance, a simple, lightweight stud that subtly showcases its charm might be your ideal choice. A gold or silver model is often a fitting choice for the ear cartilage.

Alternatively, if you prefer a more eye-catching and creative style, you might consider a stud adorned with a shiny stone such as a zirconium oxide diamond, zirconium opal, or zircon. These jewels lend an exciting touch to your cartilage and are currently trending.

Remember that the choice of piercing jewelry ultimately rests with you, so let your imagination and personal style guide you. At Luna, we also stress the importance of taking good care of your piercings to avert infections and ensure uniform jewelry color (be it white or rose gold, silver or yellow gold).


After you've selected the best jewelry for your conch piercing, attention must be paid to its dimensions. An excessively large hoop may hang loosely in the ear, and an overly small one may cause cartilage deformation.

Fear not, all the jewelry items in this collection come with the following specified dimensions:

  • Hoop: 5/16" - 1/2" or 10-12 mm
  • Stud : 5/16" or 7-8 mm