woman with tragus piercing - how and when to change the tragus jewel

How and When to Change your Piercing Tragus?

Have you just gotten a tragus piercing and already feel the urge to change your current jewelry? Does your piercing seem a bit tight and you need to remove it? Regardless of the reason you want to change your piercing, the process can seem intimidating, and you might be afraid of making a mistake. But don’t worry, you're in the right place! We will guide you through the process of safely and effectively changing your tragus piercing. So, are you ready to start? Let's go!

When is the Right Time to Change Your Tragus Piercing?

Let's dive right in. Generally, you can consider changing your tragus piercing after a period of 2-3 months, as long as the change is done by a piercing professional. However, if you plan on doing it yourself, it would be better to wait until the end of the healing phase, which usually lasts between 4 and 8 months.

It's essential to remember that as long as the pierced area is not fully healed, it is highly recommended not to attempt to change your tragus piercing on your own. But then, how can you determine if your piercing has healed properly?

Beautiful woman with trago piercing.

How to Know if Your Tragus is Healed?

The healing of a tragus piercing generally occurs in three distinct phases:

  • The inflammation phase, which persists a few weeks after the piercing.
  • The granulation phase, which can last several months and is characterized by the formation of scabs.
  • The healing phase is the final stage during which the scabs fall off.

To assess if your piercing has properly healed, you must pay attention to certain distinctive signs:

  • The color of the piercing hole should be normal, similar to the rest of your ear.
  • No fluid, such as pus or blood, should be oozing from the pierced area.
  • Your piercing should no longer be painful.
  • Scabs, if they were present before, should have fallen off.
  • Your cartilage should no longer be inflamed. If these five conditions are met, you can consider changing your piercing without problems. If your piercing doesn't seem completely healed, it's recommended to wait a few more weeks or months and seek advice from your piercing professional. It's important to remember that changing your tragus piercing prematurely could cause many complications.

Risks and Potential Complications

Changing a tragus piercing before the end of the healing process can pose serious risks, the most obvious being the risk of infection. However, other possible complications include the development of a keloid, a ball-shaped raised scar that can form when the jewelry used is not suitable.

Regarding infections, these can be caused by various factors, including:

  • Not washing your hands before handling your tragus piercing.
  • Not using titanium ASTM F136, gold, or surgical steel 316L jewelry.
  • Not disinfecting your new jewelry before wearing it. It's important to note that even if you follow these three rules, this doesn't necessarily guarantee you'll be safe from infections. Changing your piercing can disturb the balance that your body created in that area.

Piercing of a woman's trago in gold and cubic zirconia.

How to Safely Change Your Tragus Piercing?

Now that your piercing is well healed and you've gotten approval from your piercing prof-*essional, you're ready for the change. Follow these steps for a safe and effective jewelry replacement:

  1. Start by thoroughly washing your hands and drying them well.
  2. Gently remove your current jewelry. If you find it too tight, don't hesitate to ask for help from a friend or your piercer. You can also use small tweezers to facilitate the process.
  3. Disinfect your new jewelry before putting it on and secure it carefully.
  4. Finally, clean the ear after the change. Continue to care for it using a saline solution for several days after the replacement, to help your body adjust to the new jewelry. There you have it, you've safely changed your tragus piercing!

How to Choose Your New Jewelry for the Tragus Piercing?

Now that you've managed to change your tragus jewelry, it's time to think about your next piece. The choice of jewelry can depend on various factors, such as your personal preferences, your lifestyle, and even the shape of your ear.

Recommended Materials

It's crucial to choose jewelry made of safe material to avoid allergic reactions and infections. The most recommended materials are titanium ASTM F136, gold, and surgical steel 316L.

Style and Size of the Jewelry

Tragus jewelry styles can range from simple hoops to elegant studs, barbells, spikes, and spirals. Ensure you choose a style that reflects your personality and is comfortable to wear.

Regarding the size of the jewelry, it should be appropriate to the thickness of your tragus and the size of your ear. Jewelry that's too big or too small might cause discomfort and complications.

Maintenance of Your Tragus Piercing

Once you've changed your tragus jewelry, it's essential to continue caring for your piercing to prevent infections and promote healthy healing. This includes regularly cleaning the piercing area with a saline solution and limiting direct contact with cosmetic or hair products that can irritate the pierced area.

Piercing a woman's trago at the beach.


Replacing the jewelry of your tragus piercing is a procedure that requires meticulous care and preventive measures to ensure a safe and healthy healing process. By adhering to the suggested guidelines and maintaining patience during the healing phase, you can safely change your tragus jewelry. Remember that, in case of any doubts, it's always advisable to consult a piercing expert. The key is to respect your body and its timings.

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